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Welcome to Templars of Dawn !
Templars of Dawn is a TERA RP Guild, located on the Mystel European server.

Because we don't have an official Role-Play server on TERA Europe, the former "unofficial" RP server was Fraya, which got merged and became Mystel, so that's where the RP Events take place, and that's where the RP Guilds are located.

To learn more about what Role-Play is inside Templars of Dawn, please check our RP Guidelines.

If you're interested in joining our Guild, you'll have to know that it's a casual, relaxed, fun & friendly RP Guild.
You can learn more about us by heading over to the Guild FAQ.

Alright, you're still here and wanna join ?
Excellent !!
The first step is to apply to the Guild ingame via the "Guilds on Server" panel, and we'll contact you for a little talk just to see if you're gonna have fun with us and if we're gonna have fun with you :D
Once you're accepted into the Guild, you will be granted the title "Adept" and be in a sort of trial period, and to become a full member you only have to do 2 things :
  • Fill out the little Introduction Form and post it here on our Forums
  • Introduce your character to the rest of the Templars ingame, during any of our Guild Events that you can find on our Calendar !! (dont worry, if you've never done any IC presentation of your character, just show up at one of the events and we'll make you talk :p )

So now, feel free to explore our website, browse the images, post on the Forums, and check out our own TERA Lore Wiki right here !!
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