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(Nov 20, 2017)
Thanks Ice for a fun event yesterday! See you tonight!
(Nov 12, 2017)
Is this a plot to get the lazy among us to level the @#!& up? :/
(Nov 10, 2017)
(cont.) Seems a hacking situation arose which called for all this and maintenance did nothing.
(Nov 10, 2017)
We now cannot use guild chat under level 60 or "general chats" (including Say and Emotes) at any level, so I guess temporarily we RP in Party chat or talk there if on a character under 60. Whispers are strictly for Tera Club.
(Nov 05, 2017)
I don't think one got planned but there should still be people about for RP.
(Nov 05, 2017)
Is there an event today?
(Oct 29, 2017)
have posted my next 2 weeks worth of Working Hours....totally playing hard to get!
(Oct 26, 2017)
I have something today so I might be late, or not log online at all. In any case, have fun without me and happy cakeday, Beth :p
(Oct 25, 2017)
Min, my love <3 *Sends hugs and kissus*
(Oct 24, 2017)
does a drive-by hello just for the sake of nostalgia o/
(Oct 23, 2017)
Well, well, it was nice to get some people to RP on Sunday! Also, befriended a new elin + cat on her head. A good day, I'd say xD
(Oct 13, 2017)
Truly good question. I am not dead and I hope more people will come too. No idea what everyone is doing since they seem not to speak much. Maybe we need Discord to poke people xD
(Oct 12, 2017)
Wth has happened? Everyone is dead >:o
(Sep 20, 2017)
Friendly reminder to level alt if you want to for decent rewards!
(Sep 18, 2017)
Today's casual event is actually a little adventure with Shadya! Get your backpack ready and don't forget water when you join us!
(Sep 16, 2017)
I accepted you in Kaeralda! Feel free to access the Forums and post thingies as you see fit :D
(Sep 13, 2017)
I'm sorry but I won't be there tonight, I'll sleep early for internship tomorrow
(Sep 13, 2017)
I vote yes
(Sep 13, 2017)
I was betrayed and no one showed up from 5pm to 6pm ;m;. I got fed up with reapers sucking and logged out. Maybe today?