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(Jun 15, 2017)
I will be traveling the coming weekend! I will see you when I see you. More info on Forums in case you are interested xD
(Jun 11, 2017)
More lazy on my part, tbh. I will strive to use Calendar more. Also, event holders need to inform me well beforehand if they want it appear there!
(Jun 10, 2017)
I've got to agree with Embar, the calendar should be used more often.
(Jun 08, 2017)
Try popping events on the calendar, if it actually functions?
(Jun 07, 2017)
Nobody even came.
(Jun 07, 2017)
Sorry, Shadya, didn't notice your shout here. Yesterday I wasn't in RP mood. Hope you had fun!
(Jun 06, 2017)
Sorry for not logging in the past few days...Been having a few troublesome moods
(Jun 06, 2017)
RP in 1h.
(Jun 06, 2017)
Guildies. Login this evening for RP. I have prepared for you something. ;) The RP will begin after nearly 4hours.
(Jun 03, 2017)
Uhm...I cooked a small RP for you today, if you'll be online around 4pm :)
(Jun 02, 2017)
After long last, I have returned to TERA. For those who can remember, I used to play as a MHuman called Fawquet. Now I'm an MAmani "Embaruk". Don't hold back on poking me in-game for RP or chatting.
(May 29, 2017)
Was nice RP yesterday in our little group of 6, although message to others xD Get yo butt's in the game :3 Or I'm going to stalk you more.
(May 29, 2017)
Remember to Casual Monday today after the work/school you have. Also, thanks for the sneaky event yesterday!
(May 21, 2017)
There will be event today and we will be going somewhere sunny and nice :D
(May 13, 2017)
Gonna be very busy today but will try to be back by evening. If anybody needs me on Skype, forgive any late replies.
(Apr 26, 2017)
*Sings in a Kate Bush style* "Its me ShiwoChii i've come home ohhh!"
(Apr 25, 2017)
Yes! We want Shiro back! *Dramatically clings to the blood-wolf*